Desalinated water is projected as the key solution.
ENAPAC project advances agreements to supply multiple clients in the region.


The development of mining depends, among other key resources, on water and energy. This is even more critical in the northern regions of Chile, where continental water sources are increasingly scarce. That is why mining companies are looking for new sources and desalination has become the leading sustainable alternative. It is in this context that HOCHSCHILD Mining has signed an agreement with TRENDS Industrial, to have the self-sustaining ENAPAC desalination project, as an alternative for the water resources of its “Volcán” project in the Atacama region.

The Letter of Intention (LOI) signed between them, allows the mining company to have a safe alternative of water resources for a sustainable development of its project in the sector of Maricunga, in a socio-environmentally responsible and economically efficient, manner. The agreement sums to several others that ENAPAC has already signed with other mining companies, both for projects in the same sector of Maricunga as in other areas of the region. With this, the consolidation of a model of sustainable water supply progresses, releasing the use of inland waters using shared infrastructure for desalination, optimizing costs with economies of scale and strengthening collaboration through a single multi-client project.

About the signing of the LOI, Rodrigo Silva, CEO of TRENDS group of companies, claimed that “the multi-client model of ENAPAC offers incomparable benefits in terms of taking advantage of scale economies, the impact on the territory is reduced and efficiency is improved, as we have been seeing in large-scale mining projects in Chile, who have opted for collaboration”. At the same time he added that “mining companies in the region, faced with the urgent need to find new ways to access these critical resources, have given a very positive response to the sustainable and multi-client proposal of ENAPAC, so we are confident that these commitments will be consolidated and we will be able to collaborate effectively with the development of the region through a “green mining” like the one that the Chilean government is promoting for our country”.

Regarding the agreement and the progress of ENAPAC, the Regional Secretary for the Ministry of Mining in the Atacama region, Felipe Carrasco, stated: “From Mining we celebrate all the agreements that mean to be able to advance the mining projects in a sustainable way, especially in the use of water resources. The agreement between the mining company and ENAPAC signifies a great advance in the synergies that can be produced to develop mining projects that do not have an impact on the water resource, but also and very importantly, it is an alternative for other mining projects to join this type of initiatives to develop their operations and solve water supply problems. This results in the mines being put into production, which generates the virtue of creating good jobs for the Atacameños and boosting the regional economy”.

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