Photovoltaic Power Plant

A 130 MW solar plant located just over 30 km from the coast.

Provision of battery equipment for storing over 40% of the energy produced during the day.

It includes a project transmission line that will connect the desalination plant, pumping stations, reservoirs, and other facilities.

Some technical details:
– 352,000 modules with 330 W trackers, resulting in a maximum power output of 116 MW.
– 50 2 MW inverter stations.
– 2,500 kVA power transformers.
– Transmission through the 110 kV LTE (Line of Transmission and Substation) that connects to the project’s LTE through a TAP-OFF, as well as to the desalination plant, pumping stations, reservoir, and excess power to the Central Interconnected System (SIC) through the Copayapu Substation.